Collection: Pendulums

Discover exquisite pendulums crafted for your spiritual journey! Elevate your retail store with our premium selection, tailored for dowsing enthusiasts and seekers of spiritual tools.

Unveil the ancient art of crystal dowsing with our meticulously curated pendulums. Whether you seek to locate water, minerals, or delve into divination, our gemstone pendulums are the perfect companions.

Indulge in the allure of each pendulum, adorned with a unique gemstone of your choice. Paired with a sleek silver chain, approximately 170mm in length, and embellished with a gemstone bead at the apex, these pendulums exude elegance and functionality.

Embrace the individuality of natural materials as gemstone colors and sizes may vary slightly, enhancing the distinctive appeal of every piece.

With their versatility in chakra balancing, reiki, and spiritual exploration, gemstone pendulums remain a sought-after choice among spiritual seekers. Elevate your product range with these captivating treasures.