Say Yes To Your Soul

Say Yes To Your Soul

Aint it funny, when something comes along in your life, you REALLY want and is excited for, you basically can’t hold yourself back from screaming YES YES. Your neediness shines through in a way which could even be deemed a little embarassing depending on the situation,BUT there’s zero fucking doubt:


You want it.


You’re gonna FUCKING have it.


It’s a hell to the FUCK yes.


And quite frankly you really couldn’t GIVE a damn about the details, cost or otherwise.


I was going to say you just want the OUTCOME, but really it’s much more than that. What it is, when it’s an absolute fucking yes, is that it just FEELS right. There’s absofuckinglute certainty through to your core and so what on earth could you possibly need or want to think about?


The obviousness of this is so profound (I think!) that it really does make you wonder why on EARTH we give our time and energy to anything even REMOTELY less than this!


ALL situations how it SHOULD be, should be fucking amazing and like “just try to stop me! 


Just think – if we start ONLY saying yes to what IS a real yes in every area of our lives we could actually change the whole WORLD.


You might think it’s not such a big deal, that often near enough is good enough and that sometimes you just gotta suck things up and MAKE ’it work, but you’d be wrong. I mean, okay, sure, you’re welcome to YOUR beliefs and opinions … but …


Working out should be something you can’t WAIT for.


EATING right should uplift you emotionally not just physically.


Making a decision of where to spend your time 


Your energy –


Your money –


In your fitness –




And this is not just about that it’s SO much fucking easier to make something WORK if it AUTOMATICALLY FUCKING WORKS ’cause it’s right! 


The truth is –


If you want it all –


And you want it now –


And you want it on your TERMS –


All you have to do is ask.


You fucking KNOW this as well baby, but at some point you might wanna consider ACTUALLY FUCKING ASKING and then also acting accordingly, but here is the REST of that truth:


If you want it all –


And you want it now –


And you want it on your TERMS –


YES you gotta ASK, and then ACT, but also?


You gotta stop giving a single God damn ‘nother second to anything less than.


Living your dream is a black and white thing gorgeous. You’re either all in, or you’re all the way fucking out.


YOU Decide.


Decide to say FUCK it because you have this ONE life, it’s THIS one right here and no it’s NOT a dress rehearsal!


Decide because in following ANYTHING you have to THINK about you not only set YOURSELF on the wrong path or further out of alignment, but there’s also a carry on effect on those who you’re here to impact.


Decide, because life and business and fitness and love SHOULD be fucking fun, and it SHOULD be an OMG yes let me at it.


Decide, because aren’t you fucking WORTH it?


Decide, because isn’t it TIME?


Decide, because aren’t you just DONE with this shit? 


You already knew the entire fucking time what it was meant to be about, and that now?


You’re damn well gonna have it.


Decide NOW! 


Love & light 


Jo xx

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