Feel The FEAR and do it anyway

Feel The FEAR and do it anyway

I’ve spent years telling myself that one day I would do that thing of becoming the damn thing I knew I was meant to be.⁠ and that of course was just being⁠


That I would make good money –⁠

Create a lifestyle where I got to just wake up each day and be me –⁠

Be the artist I was meant to be –⁠

Have the life  I REALLY wanted –⁠

And finally figure out how to be the leader, messenger, writer, speaker, coach I knew I was meant to be, even though every part of me was screaming at me that I had no clue what I was doing, and maybe wasn’t even a proper grown-up! yet! Who knows! 

You have to understand that EVERYBODY who you look up to and consider a person who has got their shit together … ⁠

Is super talented … or has some kind of hyper-human discipline, or whatever, ALL of them, yes, 100%, have that ⁠


- Telling them they can’t.⁠

- Are not good enough.⁠

- That their fears are valid.⁠

- That they shouldn’t even fucking try.⁠

That everybody else is better, smarter, funnier, and has better hair too, is prettier, slimmer who cares!⁠

Yeah, some of ’em who are now living their wildest dreams have got so far beyond all of that that they really do own how awesome and powerful they are – as well we all should! ⁠

But, having now personally privately mentored women through my group programs and challenges, I can tell you that even for those who are ‘there’, self-doubt and fear and so on still tries to bite ’em on the ass and stop them going to that NEXT level!⁠

Everyone is human.⁠

The difference between those who are doing the fucking thing to be the damn thing, and those who are not, is that they DID IT ANYWAY. Regardless! 

They recognized that they had the ability to act FROM self-belief & discipline rather than having to work TOWARDS it before being able to start.⁠

And they said thank you but no thank you to being led by fear.⁠

Have you done that, for yourself?⁠

Is it time to go further? For YOU?

Or are you still waiting for a wake-up call, for life to smack you in the face and throw you up in the fucking air in some way? ⁠

Well, what if that doesn’t happen? And, do you really need it to happen in order to motivate you to be really YOU?!


Feel the FEAR and fucking do it anyway! 🙌🏻


Love & light


Jo xx