Become A Doll Artist & Build Up Your Own Business

Become A Doll Artist & Build Up Your Own Business

Working from home as a doll artist and creating your very own lifelike baby dolls.

Work online as a reborn baby doll artist while being able to choose your own hours is a game changer

Starting your own doll art business and why, while being a stay at home mum, painting reborn dolls and being able to sell your creative work as an artist is an incredibly rewarding job.



I’ve been painting these reborn dolls since 2010 and built up my own business from scratch with a lot of hard work. The best part about creating your own unique kind of art is that not only rewarding but it is very therapeutic too; you get to box them up for your customers who purchased them from you and who are happy with what they see!

Sometimes there will be emotional times in the process, such as when my eyes can’t stop welling up when one of my realistic dolls goes off into its new life. But it’s all worth it seeing their happiness on their faces. Earlier this month, I was painting a baby girl as a custom order. You probably think that might be quite emotional, and it is – but in a good way! It’s also satisfying to see her come alive from an idea in my head in the step by step process. What makes this job even more rewarding for me is knowing she will soon be in the arms of someone who will very much appreciate my unique work of art.

Do you know what a reborn doll is made of? Reborn dolls are sculptures of human babies made out of a type of soft plastic called vinyl. The artist paints on layers and layers of Genesis heat set paints mixed with odourless thinners until they’re ready to bake the kit in a halogen oven; this is why it is called 3d painting, which is where my job begins! My process includes using different colours and mediums to create depth of the lifelike skin on the doll kit.

Transforming the doll into a lifelike baby is so much fun; I also use a tiny brush to highlight the features of the baby dolls face, such as eyebrows and nails, and WOW, it starts to come alive!

The final touch is adding eyelashes to the hair and special little marks like birthmarks or baby scratch on the nose; this can be a custom made reborn which is what the customer asks me to create as a custom order, which gives them that innocent look we all love so much on a real baby! Of course, the best part about painting your own unique kind of art reborn doll is you get to hold them for a little cuddle before you box them up to your pleased customer who paid for your unique creativity.

This job has emotional ups and downs, but it is always worth it in the end, just like any other job you have a passion for. Never stop believing in yourself because you have something unique to share with the world that is your own special talent. I can guarantee you there’s someone who will happily purchase your artwork and treasure it forever as if they were their very own child.

Reborn dolls

The hobby of creating reborn baby dolls began in the early 1990s. Since then, an industry and community surrounding reborn dolls have emerged worldwide. Reborn dolls are primarily purchased online but are available at doll craft fairs and shops. Reborning involves creating a doll that resembles a human infant with as much realism as possible. Some consumers of reborn dolls use them to cope with grief over a lost child or collect them as a portrait doll of a grown child. Critics debate whether reborn dolls are harmful, or whether these dolls help in the grieving process of therapy. Because of their realistic appearances, reborn dolls occasionally mistaken for real babies and “rescued” from parked cars after being reported to the police by passers-by lol; that is how incredibly real looking they are…

The most important thing in my journey of being a doll artist was taking that first step and never being afraid of failure because it will only lead to success! So this is what I want you to know, never be afraid of what your first reborn will look like; I can guarantee you have someone who will want to purchase your reborn to have that special cuddle and treasure forever.

You won’t become a successful doll artist overnight; it takes skills to learn and some emotional ups and downs before finding your perfect flow. This takes time and emotional investment, but it’s worth the wait to see your first sale and know you’ve created something special and something to be proud of.

I was hoping you could take away from this blog post that anything can become a profitable job with enough determination! Also, never be afraid of what other people think because there will always be someone who feels the same as you — you need some encouragement to start!

First, of course, it’s emotional to see a creation you made go off to its new home, and I find myself getting excited at the process of sending them on their way. But all that time invested is absolutely worth it when I can finally see someone happy who has just purchased one of my dolls! Starting up your own painting business and purchasing the accessories, paints etc. is worth it; I can promise you that much!

Working from home as a stay at home mum painting reborn dolls was the BEST investment in my life, I am now successful in what I’ve built, but now I know what true success feels like because I’m not afraid of failure for once. This blog post will give insight into what goes on behind the scenes in this job, so if your passion lies somewhere else, then keep following until you find out how mine became profitable 🙂

Painting realistic reborn dolls feel rewarding in their own way too because it is therapeutic – these beautiful creations help us get through difficult times with their beauty!”

I will tell you It was a beautiful moment for me when my customer did a video box opening for me on Facebook a few months ago, and it was heartwarming to watch. It’s a memory I will never forget. I’m not afraid of failure anymore, which makes succeeding worth it when someone comes back and purchases something after seeing my work so many times as a regular customer!

You can always turn what you love doing into an income by letting others appreciate your skills too. And getting paid for something that we enjoy is absolutely amazing in this day and age where money seems so hard to come by!” “We are all struggling financially these days, which makes it even more important not to be afraid of our first try with reborn dolls. They’re going to want one just the way they are, no matter how much time goes into making it perfect.

I am so excited to create this post for you. It has been enjoyable telling you the world of reborn dolls, and you can do it, which I have a passion for too!

With my two courses available on, you can learn how to paint these beautiful little fake babies at all experience levels. Let me know if you would love to learn how to paint lifelike dolls-I will be happy to teach you everything I know! If not now, maybe in the future?

This blog post is about a rewarding work from home job and how it has helped me provide for my family while also expressing myself artistically. It’s a true story of what it’s like as a stay at home mum who likes painting reborn dolls, working from the comfort of my own home to earn money that fits around school hours. There are many benefits of this lifestyle: You have freedom financially and creatively when you get to choose who you want to be! It’s even better if you can do so while staying home with children, because my children are now older and in school full-time; I get to teach other aspiring artists how to create these reborns!

Now is the right time to start building your online doll art business if you want to make a living at it.

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I hope this has helped give an insight into my life as a stay at home mum painting reborn dolls, working from the comfort of my own home and creating these gorgeous lifelike babies, but being able to feel like I’m helping others every day too!

Take care for now

Love & light

Jo xx